Making the right product, the right way with the right team

30 Nov 2017

Today, we must follow all kind of methodology when it comes to deliver a product: Agile, Craftsmanship, Devops, Lean startup…

In this presentation, we shared how every of those methodologies tries to solve a problem using feedback: user feedback, code feedback, human feedback. Every problem is introduced using a small dialog between two people.

Introductory workshop to Elm

27 Jul 2017

Creating your next front application using pure functions is not a dream anymore. Elm enables you to code without any side effect with immutability, monads… This will allow you to test your code easily. Let’s discover this ecosystem, its strengths, and limits.

After a small language introduction, we will dive into the workshop: in a simple web application, we will code some functionality in code with the help of failing tests to guide us.

Kata bowling score in Haskell

08 Jun 2017

In order to introduce functional programming principals, I did a the bowling Kata in Haskell for the Software Craftsmanship meetup in Sydney.

Lancement d'

12 Jul 2016

A travers un retour d’expérience du lancement d’, j’ai présenté comment nous avons emprunté les méthodes des startups du numérique et les avons appliquées au sein de l’administration française.